Reform legislation strengthens YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW

This article by Planet Princeton provides a great summary of bills S1045 & S1046, which modernize and reform the state’s Open Public Meetings and Records Acts. IT IS WORTH READING! Here is one excerpt from the article that describes some important provisions in S1046, which amends the Open Public Records Act:


“New Jersey Senate Bill S1046 would extend public record obligations to quasi-governmental organizations engaged in service to the public, such as the New Jersey League of Municipalities and the New Jersey School Boards Association. Citizens would also be allowed to send public records requests via email, which is commonly done now, but the law would affirm the practice. Public records custodians — the public employees at all levels of government who fill records requests — would be required explain in more detail what information they’ve redacted and why it can’t be disclosed under OPRA.”


Planet Princeton (
Pair of bills would strengthen public’s right to know in NJ
Staff writer Krystal Knapp contributed to this story.
November 9, 2017


Stand up for OPMA and OPRA reform in New Jersey. Support S1045 and S1046 !