Judge dismisses Sunshine Law claims against DRPA, calls on PA Legislature to pass reform

While allowing a lawsuit filed against the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) to proceed, a federal judge in New Jersey dismissed claims filed under state sunshine laws because the Pennsylvania legislature has not acted to apply its statute to the bi-state agency.  Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey must enact substantially similar legislation to bring DRPA under the sunshine laws of both states.


“Despite the Court’s own belief that the world would be a better place if DRPA were held accountable under the same sunshine laws virtually every other similar governing body in the country is, that decision is for another sovereign and branch of government.”

“This Court sits to interpret law and not make it—a task under these circumstances entrusted to the political branches.”

— Judge Noel Hillman


NJ Law Journal
In Commodore Barry Bridge Paint Contract Suit, Judge Laments Lawmakers’ ‘Inaction’ on Sunshine Law
by Michael Booth
June 26, 2018