OPRA denials have cost the state of New Jersey over $900K in four years

The below articles summarize the continued costs to New Jersey of losing OPRA cases. The total is over $900,000 from 2012-2016 alone. That figure is the amount reimbursed to prevailing plaintiffs’ attorneys — it doesn’t even include the state’s own legal costs. Non-disclosure of records, or receiving no response at all in some cases, is commonplace in the state. NJFOG officer Walter Luers is among those quoted. He notes that “Governor Christie’s administration has adopted an approach to public records that contrasts with [a] culture of transparency,” often bluffing by citing an exemption. “Nothing should be withheld unless the public interest will be harmed with disclosure,” Luers said.


Dec. 27, 2016
Tab for Christie’s fights over public records tops $900K
by Dustin Racioppi

December 28, 2016
Christie’s fights to keep public records secret cost taxpayers $900,000, report says
By Louis C. Hochman