Statement on the Signing of Only One of the Port Authority Reform Bills

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We appreciate Governors Cuomo and Christie signing a bill improving the Port Authority’s Freedom of Information process. However, the Governors missed a big opportunity to put the Port Authority on the right track by vetoing the bill reforming governance.

It is obvious that the Port Authority has lost its way, and Governors Cuomo and Christie have now vetoed a bill which was unanimously supported by the state legislatures of New York and New Jersey, numerous public stakeholders and editorial boards. This much-needed legislation would have put in place fundamental reforms necessary to make the Port Authority far more accountable.

The commission created to review the Port Authority recommended other measures, but this should not have precluded the Governors approving a bill implementing much-needed reforms, now.

 The joint statement from Governors Cuomo and Christie says “Both Governors embrace the spirit and intent of the extensive reforms contained in the omnibus pending legislation.” Our groups hope they act on this spirit by working closely with both state legislatures––and public stakeholders––in a transparent process to introduce and pass comprehensive reforms in the Port Authority’s governance this session.