CASE SUMMARY: LFTG v. Elizabeth School District

  Case Name:  Libertarians for Transparent Government (LFTG) v. Elizabeth School District Docket Number: UNN-L-0160-17 County: Union Filing Date: January 11, 2017 Presiding Judge: Mega, Robert J. Status:   Open.  (Pending Order to Show Cause hearing on March 10, 2017)   Continue Reading →

Lawsuit seeks settlement docs/terms prior to formal signing of agreement

Settlement agreements involving governmental agencies or officials are public records.  However, public agencies often balk at releasing these records or disclose only the final signed agreement at best. Settlements often involve large sums of public money, whether paid by a Continue Reading →

CASE SUMMARY: LFTG v. Willingboro Township

CASE SUMMARY:  LFTG v. Willingboro Township   Case Name: Libertarians for Transparent Government (LFTG) v. Willingboro Township and Sarah Wooding Docket Number: BUR-L-1415-16 County: Burlington Filing Date: July 1, 2016 Presiding Judge:  Bookbinder, Ronald E. Status: Resolved except issue of Continue Reading →

Activist seeks to force Passaic County to disclose cost of civil rights settlement

Settlement agreements entered into by governmental agencies are public documents.  That is well-established.  (See our Knowledge Corner HERE.)  This OPRA case is interesting in that it concerns disclosure of the terms of the settlement before its final drafting and adoption by the governing body. Continue Reading →