Activist seeks to force Passaic County to disclose cost of civil rights settlement

Settlement agreements entered into by governmental agencies are public documents.  That is well-established.  (See our Knowledge Corner HERE.)  This OPRA case is interesting in that it concerns disclosure of the terms of the settlement before its final drafting and adoption by the governing body. Continue Reading →

Open-government activist pursues investigation of Cape May County sheriff

“The courts have held that once an investigation is closed, the government’s interest in confidentiality is less,” said Paff, who believes that the public has a right to know what an investigation is about, even if no charges are eventually Continue Reading →

Camden County Judge allows release of racist texts

Courier-Post By Jim Walsh Nov. 17, 2015 (full article here) CAMDEN – Corrections officers who smuggled cellphones into Camden County Jail had no right to privacy once the phones were discovered by investigators, a state judge said Monday. Superior Court Continue Reading →

The Record: Accountability

There are many non-profits that handle governmental functions, and NJ courts have already established the application of OPRA in certain circumstances. Here, a county-affiliated non-profit refuses to respond to OPRA requests. The non-profit’s history of missing IRS filings, which provide Continue Reading →