Courts order North Bergen BOE to submit to State audit

North Bergen School Board wouldn’t cooperate with the state comptroller’s audit request, wanted first to know why they were picked, spent tax dollars to fight it and lost at both the trial and appellate court levels. NJFOG treasurer John Paff described the situation as follows: “In 2015, the State Comptroller decided to conduct a performance audit on the North Bergen (Hudson County) Board of Education. The Board refused to cooperate unless and until the Comptroller disclosed his reasons for selecting the Board for the audit. In December 2015, a trial judge ordered the Board to cooperate with the audit and the Board appealed. …[On 6/15/2017], the Appellate Division (link to decision below) affirmed the trial court’s ruling. It held that “an auditee may not condition its cooperation and assistance on the State Comptroller first explaining why he selected the auditee for the performance audit.” Enough said.


NJ State Comptroller v. North Bergen Board of Education, Appellate Division decision