CASE SUMMARY: NJFOG v. Lawrence Township Council


Case Name:  NJFOG v. Lawrence Township Council
Docket Number: MER-L-1832-16
County / Vicinage:  Mercer
Filing Date:  September 12, 2016
Presiding Judge:  Jacobson, Mary C.
Status:  closed



The complaint alleges multiple violations of the OPMA and OPRA.

OPRA counts were settled by court order in November 2016. Though NJFOG sought summary judgment on OPMA counts, Judge Jacobson required NJFOG to mediate its OPMA claims against the Township. While NJFOG prefers court rulings to help clarify OPMA requirements, we negotiated in good faith. A Consent Order that resolves our OPMA claims was agreed upon with the Township and finalized in May 2017. The main thrust is that it requires the Township Council to have its closed meeting minutes ready for public disclosure by, at the latest, the second meeting after the meeting at which the closed session occurred.

The case is now closed.


Case Documents:

Complaint, Brief, Order to Show Cause:

Township’s motion to dismiss and NJFOG’s opposition:

Letter to Judge Jacobson accompanying unredacted closed session minutes for her “in camera” review before making her ruling:

Court Order on OPRA counts:

NJFOG’s Motion for Summary Judgment:

Defendant’s Opposition to Motion:

NJFOG’s Reply to Opposition:

20170510 Final Consent Judgment on OPMA counts – NJFOG v. Lawrence Twp Council


Press Release(s):

Lawrence Twp. Council and Board of Ed. charged with OPMA and OPRA violations


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