CASE SUMMARY: NJFOG v. Trenton Board of Education

Case Name:  NJFOG v. Trenton Board of Education
Docket Number:  MER-L-11-15
County / Vicinage:  Mercer
Filing Date:  January 7, 2015
Presiding Judge:  Jacobson, Mary C.
Status:  closed



The complaint alleges multiple violations of the OPMA and OPRA. OPMA counts include the Board’s discussion of improper topics during closed session meetings, its recording of insufficiently detailed closed session meeting minutes, and its use of overly vague closed session meeting resolutions. OPRA counts include not providing reasons for redactions and withholding the names of persons who negotiated with employee unions. The court found that the defendant had violated both OPRA and OPMA.

Judge Jacobson’s Order requires the Board to “include in every resolution to enter into executive session a statement of the general nature of the matters to be discussed” and “to provide the subject matter of the discussions and not simply repeat the language of the statute.”


Case Documents:

Complaint, Brief, and Order to Show Cause – NJFOG v. Trenton BOE

July 5, 2014 warning letter sent by NJFOG to the Trenton BOE

Judge Jacobson’s June 30, 2015 Order

The case pleadings, including the motion for summary judgment and opposition

OPRA settlement (final, unsigned copy)


Press Release(s):

NJFOG Sues Trenton Board of Education

NJFOG prevails on OPRA counts in case against Trenton School Board. OPMA counts pending.

NJFOG wins its OPMA case against the Trenton School Board


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