State comptroller names towns that enrolled professionals in PERS

As mentioned in a previous news post, the Office of the State Comptroller revealed in a 2012 report that 332 municipal professionals were enrolled in the state pension system at that time in spite of a 2008 law intended to curb this kind of abuse.  The state comptroller will not say who they are but recently released the names of the 228 municipalities that enrolled them.  County is generally not listed, so where the report lists a town for which there is another New Jersey town with the same name, it is not always clear which town it is.

The New Jersey Pension Fraud and Abuse Unit is now sending out letters to at least some municipalities requiring them to remove their professionals from the pension rolls.  That is welcome news for taxpayers, who have a right to know not only which municipalities have been ignoring the spirit of the law, but which professionals may be improperly receiving benefits.